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Adelphia Discipleship School

Lake Retreat Camp is home to Adelphia, an 11 month long, no-cost discipleship program and work internship for young adults! The people you see lifeguarding at the waterfront, kitchen assistants washing dishes, or the staff member rebuilding a retaining wall near your lodge? Those are all students who have dedicated a year of their life to grow deeper in their faith and serving the body of Christ on our campus. Our heart is to model the Life of Christ by doing life beside our students and equipping them spiritually and practically to live out their faith in the world, and to not be burdened by debt in the process. Students live in dorms on our Lake Retreat Campus, and classes are held in view of our serene lake and mountains, the view many guests come specifically to enjoy during retreats!


  • Practical Bible Classes
  • Dorm Life & Community
  • Lake Views
  • Work Experience
  • $0 Via Work Internship

Click the link below to learn more about our program:


n. 1. (Bot.) A "brotherhood," or collection

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