Meeting Space

The Chapel is Lake Retreat's largest meeting space. It can hold up to 400 guests and has two small breakout rooms attached at the back (Alder Room and Maple Room).

The Chapel meeting space is rented out along with the Lakeside Cabins OR with groups of 100 or more depending on accommodations. Sometimes it may be added to your booking if it has not already been rented out for a cleaning fee.

Set Up & Technology

Standard set up includes*: 1 microphone, 1 mic cord, 1 music stand, mounted projector and screen (rolls down on stage left), sound system with 3 channels and 2 mounted speakers.

Please plan to bring: additional microphones and mic cords, instruments, music stands, laptop, connectors, etc.

All other equipment not listed above must be brought along. Groups are welcome to bring their own sound system.


*Lake Retreat Camp does not charge a technology fee and, thereby, does not guarantee any sound equipment or technology, and do not supply sound/tech support. We are happy to loan out our equipment, but if there is something that you know you will need, please plan to bring it along with you to avoid any inconvenience.