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Who is Jesus

Our heart is that everyone would know who Jesus is. If you don't know Him yet, we hope this page serves as an introduction. However, we do not want to leave it at that. Below are resources on how to dig deeper into who Jesus is and see how He might change your life.

Who is Jesus?

If Jesus' claims about himself are true, then "who is Jesus" becomes the most important question there is.
Have you ever stopped to consider that every theory about Jesus must account for an empty grave? He predicted his own death and resurrection. Is it possible that he actually did rise from the dead?

It's not a question we can shrug off or ignore. Was Jesus a deceiver who taught about love, goodness, and truth but was willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of a lie about his divine identity? Or was he exactly who he claimed to be? Namely, the fullness of God as a person, on a mission to show us the way back into the life God created us for.

How can I learn more?

The Bible suggests that God is eager to guide us into truth. If a relationship with God is core to the meaning of life, it makes sense He would help us walk into that.

If this is new to you, we encourage you to open up a conversation with God - even if you aren't sure He is on the other end of the line. Maybe something like, "Jesus guide me into the truth of who you are and who I am." Pay attention to your life and watch what happens in response.

Seek out people, sources of learning, and private reflection that fuel your discovery of truth.

To start, consider using this resource called 42 Steps Ahead, which takes you through a short couple of paragraphs and directs you to a Bible Chapter each day. You can find it HERE.

What should I do next?

We believe that the best way to get to know Jesus more is through the Bible. We would love to send you one as our gift. Along with that, we have a suggested reading guide for those new to the Bible, so you know how to get started.

You can access the BIble online. You might start with the Book of Mark that covers Jesus's life. You can access it online here or we would love to send you a Bible.

We also believe an important step is connecting with a local church and other people who know Jesus, and we would love to help you do that.


If you would like to connect with a staff member at Lake Retreat Camp, email us here.

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