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Gift Planning

What is Gift Planning?

Making sure your affairs are in order may just be the best financial decision you'll ever make!

Planning for distribution of your assets through your will or living trust will ensure that your values and life investments are preserved beyond your lifetime. It will also provide your children and grandchildren with personal possessions that they will one day value.  Finally, it will allow you to support ministries, beyond your lifetime, that you have come to appreciate. A will or living trust is the legacy you will pass on to the next generation.

Seventy per cent of Americans do not have a current will

Seventy per cent of Americans do not have a current will.  Fifty percent have no will at all.  These disturbing statistics do not indicate that Americans think having a will is unimportant.  Rather it indicates that like so many other things, updating your will falls into the category of “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow”.  Creating a will does after all take a little time and requires thought about our priorities and desires.

But the danger of procrastination is that someone else (the courts and the government) are going to decide how to distribute your estate.  Chances are they will not make the same decisions you would.  No one wants this to happen but happen it does, more often that you might think.

Now there is a quick, easy way to get started on the journey to estate documents that reflect your desires.  It’s called the “My Legacy Planner” and it is free to use.  The planner will help you think through tax liability and ways to use charity to reduce or eliminate the government getting part of your estate. The My Legacy Planner creates a file for you to print out and take to the attorney of your choice for implementation.

We at Lake Retreat Camp are proud to offer this service to you.  Simply clink on the "Visit My Legacy Planner  Today" button below to get started.  In less than 15 minutes of your time, you will have created a document that your attorney can use to ensure your desires are met.

One more thing… please know that all your data is encrypted and confidential.  We at Lake Retreat never see your financial data.  This system, created by Fulcrum, is in use by some of the largest charities in America and we are proud to offer it to you!  Give it a try.  We are so thankful for your faithful support and we hope this service is just one token of our appreciation.

Take the first step in reviewing your current plan or establishing a new one.
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