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Housekeeper Job Description


Classification: PT – Non-Exempt

Reports to: Lead Housekeeper

Pay Grade: Hourly


Position Description:

Clean, disinfect and sanitize restrooms, sleeping areas and common areas on campus.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

·      Following guidelines and procedures as set forth in writing and by the Lead housekeeper

·      Cleaning

·      Disinfecting

·      Sanitizing

·      Sweeping/Mopping

·      Vacuuming

·      Restroom sanitation

·      Wiping counters and tables

·      Organizing

·      Sweeping

·      Trash removal

·      Cleaning/maintaining equipment

·      Other projects and duties as assigned.


Key Competencies:

·      Great attitude

·      Ability to learn new skills


Physical Aspects of the Job:

·      Camp and Conference environment.

·      Lifting/carrying occasionally of products or supplies weighing up to 50 pounds.

·      Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.

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