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Waterfront Rules

Waterfront Rules:

  • Obey Lifeguards, Lake Retreat Staff and Posted Rules
  • No Running on the dock
  • No Horseplay or Roughhousing (no pushing each other into the water)
  • Swimming is only allowed INSIDE of the dock swim area unless going to or from a water element
  • Everyone must take a swim test to use the Blob, Kaos, deep end and diving boards (shallow end, slide and boats do not require a swim test)
  • Lifejackets must be worn on the Blob, boats, Kaos and Paddle Boards (even if you have passed the swim test)
  • One person on the ladders at a time
  • Do not swim under the dock
  • Must wear a modest swimming suit

Boat Rules:

  • Must wear and buckle a lifejacket that fits correctly for the entire ride
  • Must stay seated at all times (no switching boats or tipping over boats)
  • Must stay on the close half of the lake
  • Must avoid lily pads
  • No horseplay

Blob Rules:

  • Must pass the swim test
  • Maximum weight difference: 50 lbs
  • Must wear and buckle a life jacket that fits correctly
  • Must land on your bottom (not feet first)

Giant Paddle Board Rules:

  • Lifejacket is required
  • Must pass the swim test OR have a supervising adult on board
  • Must stay on close half of lake
  • Follow lifeguard instructions
  • 4 adult maximum
*We reserve the right to remove unruly or unsafe guests from the waterfront and beach.
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