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Camp Rules

See a list of our Camp Rules Below. Please note that this does not include every possible rule and Lake Retreat retains the right to add or adjust at any time. Please follow all oral instructions from Lake Retreat Staff. Thanks!

Not Permitted On Campus:

  • Weapons, alcohol, marijuana, non-perscription drugs, cigarettes, vapes, candles, fireworks, pets, immoral conduct and illegal substances

Other Camp Rules:

  • Please follow all posted signs
  • 10 PM Noise/Sound Curfew (all noise must be contained to inside of a building at this point)
  • Please do not move or remove any mattresses
  • Buildings and grounds should be left in same state as found.
  • Please pick up your trash.
  • Please park in designated parking only. Parking is NOT permitted on top of the hill by the lake.
  • Glue, glitter and paint is not permitted inside of any of Lake Retreat buildings or on outside permanent surfaces such as picnic tables or pavement.
  • No cooking allowed.
  • Stay off the dock and out of lake unless a Lake Retreat lifeguard is on duty. Waterfront is open ONLY during scheduled waterfront times when a Lake Retreat Lifeguard is present.
  • Follow Waterfront Rules and Lifeguard Instructions
  • No food is permitted in the Chapel.
  • Lake Retreat is not responsible for lost & found or stolen items. Please leave items of value (monetary or sentimental) at home.
  • Other rules and directions given by your retreat leader.
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