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Hilltop Cabins

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General Info:

The Hilltop Cabins are perfect for use in conjunction with other lodges for guests that benefit from more private space. Hilltop Cabins are centrally located across from Lundgren Lodge and Johnson Lodge.

Meeting Space:

A small meeting area, Kay Norr Lounge, is located between Cabins #2 & 3. Other meeting spaces may be available, depending on your group size.

Cabin Info & Capacity:

Hilltop Cabin #1: 4 beds, 1 bathroom

Hilltop Cabin #2: 4 beds, 1 bathroom

Hilltop Cabin #4: 4 beds, 1 bathroom

Hilltop Cabin #5A & #5B: 2 rooms of 4 beds (8 total beds), 2 bathrooms (common entryway)

Hilltop #5C: 8 beds, 1 bathroom

= 28 Total Beds

These buildings have heat, but do not have A/C. Please plan accordingly.

Hilltop #3 is one of our VIP Cabins. If you are interested in adding this to your reservation, you can request it.

Hilltop #1
Hilltop 5a
Hilltop 2

Types of Groups

  • Adult Retreats
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Men's Camps
  • Women's Camps


  • Occupancy: 28
  • 6 Rooms
  • Private Bathroom/Shower in every room

Click on the photos below to learn more about lodging.

Okerson Lodge
Lundgren Lodge
Hilltop Cabins
Lakeside Cabins
Johnson Lodge
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