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Hilltop Cabins

The Hilltop Cabins are perfect for use in conjunction with other lodges or by themselves for a more private retreat.

Cabins #1-4 sleep three or four guests, each with at least one full-size bed and all including private bathrooms.

Cabin #5 has been divided into three areas: 5A & 5B mirror the accommodations of the other four cabins while Cabin 5C can sleep up to 8 guests, and also has a private bathroom. When used solely, Hilltop cabins can accommodate up to 31 guests. A small meeting area, Kay Norr Lounge, is located between Cabins #2 & 3. Other meeting spaces may be available, depending on your group size.


Types of Groups

  • Adult Retreats
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Men's Camps
  • Women's Camps


  • Occupancy: 31
  • 7 Rooms
  • Private Bathroom/Shower in every room

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Hilltop Cabins
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